1) What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made directly on our website using Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit and PayPal. We also accepts cash, debit and credit cards onsite. If a bank transfer is preferred then when listing the reference number with your payment, please use your address.

2) Do you clean top sill?

Keeping in mind that top sill is not visible; we will attempt to cleanse it as best we can using water and the wash-and-reach system.

3) What kind of water do you use to clean windows?

To clean windows, we use the wash-and-reach system. The pure water we use is 99% uncontaminated. As such, windows are left clear, sparkling, spotless and free of smears.

4) Can you provide me with an invoice or receipt?

For gutter, window, and domestic cleaning, we will always provide you with a receipt upon completion of work. All commercial cleaning jobs come with an invoice. We can also provide either one upon request.

5) Do you remove water from windows?

We don’t, since the pure water we use dries out naturally, leaving behind no smears or marks.

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