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Top Cleaning Tips for the Home

Every person is busy nowadays and wants some efficient methods to clean up the house while ensuring that the professional routine is absolutely undisturbed.

Car Polish

It is safe to assume it as the enemy of stains. After cleaning the marble surfaces in usual manner, you should apply some car polish on it as it prevents any stain from sticking onto the surface.


Sometimes, the washroom gives away an unusual stink even after we have cleaned it thoroughly. To get rid of it, light a match (or a candle) for about two minutes, it would literally ‘burn down’ the smell.

Denture-Cleaning Tablets

Sinks often get messed up by oil and other food stuff hugging their surface which is very nasty to clean up. Here, you should put a stopper and half-fill the container with normal tap water, then drop 2 denture cleaning tablets and leave it for the night (or several hours) – you would see a sparkling container next morning.

Baby Oil

Baby oil has a very good reputation of softening things up and this property could be used to remove fingerprint traces from steel and glass. Beware of not using it on the floor or you might slip.

Vacuuming the Mattress

This one is my favorite. By doing so, eliminate the dead skin cells and ultimately, you get rid of dust mites that rest on your bed and are always after your skin cells.

White Vinegar

What would you if the cleaning machine goes dirty itself? Well, in the case of a dirty dishwasher, add a half cup of white vinegar mixed with laundry bleach (powdered) and run the machine for completing a complete cycle.


You might be underestimating the worth of a mouthwash by limiting it to killing your bad breath only – in fact, a cup of it could be used in about a gallon of water to get rid of the greasy dust  in between your floor tiles.

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